The Art of the Jagger Family

Edith Jagger

David Jagger

Charles Sargeant Jagger

The Jaggers were three remarkable siblings from a Yorkshire mining family. They studied together at Sheffield Technical School of Art, where their award-winning work established them as artists of note. 

The trio went onto become successful in their respective fields. Edith Jagger (1880-1977) was an exceptionally gifted painter of flower subjects and still lives. However it is her work as chief designer for the ground-breaking charitable organisation, Painted Fabrics which proved to be her most significant contribution. Following his involvement in The Great War Charles Sargeant Jagger (1885-1934) established himself as the leading British sculptor of his era. A recipient of the Military Cross for gallantry, his appointed as an Official War Artist in 1918 was an obvious choice and his work starkly reflected the harsh realities of war. David Jagger (1891-1958) was a skilled and successful portaitist, whose striking society portraits rank amongst the finest produced during the first half of the twentieth century. His public stance as a conscientious objector during The Great War caused considerable friction between himself and his elder brother and sister.

1911 X16
1917 X24 SP
1917 X25a C S Jagger